About Veeralayam

“VEERALAYAM” will be built according to the ancient VASTU SHASHTRA. All constructions will be according to natural laws. The dimensions and the orientation of the buildings will provide cosmic harmony and support of nature for good health, peace, prosperity and sustainable happiness.

The proposed plan included a phase-wise execution of :
  • Shree MAHAVEER Congregation Meditation Pyramids CentreA unique meditation centre will be built in the Complex. About 108 meditation rooms based on pyramid architecture principles will be built around periphery of the Samavasarana .
    The Hall with Shikhar at 100 feet height will have idols of 4 Tirthankars in the centre.
  • Meditation Caves and Individual Kutirs (Cottages) : For the serious sadhakas (seekers) caves will be built according to ancient sciences.
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic Hospital : A 100 bed modern hospital with a central hall where patents will be treated with existing and newly developed Ayurvedic Herbal medicines.
  • Nature Cure and Alternative Therapy Hospital : A 100 bed hospital for treating patients through naturopathy and alternative therapies.
  • Modern Science Laboratory for diagnostic and pathological purposes.
  • Research Laboratory for a scientific analysis and understanding of traditional systems of medicines and therapies.
  • Hostels : For Research Scholars and Students who can live and learn in this intellectually charged atmosphere.
  • School for Sadhus and Sadhvis and Seekers : For study of Agamaas, Sanskrit and prakrit texts and ancient languages and literatures.
  • VRIDHASHRAM (Old age home) for Sadhus and Sadhvis, sravakas and sravicas.
  • Residences for Doctors, Nurses and others.
  • Rehabilitation Centre for blind, deaf & dumb and the handicapped.
  • Orphanage.
  • Primary and Secondary public school and residential school.
  • Natural farming, Herbal plantations and Horticulture.
  • Gaushala for 1000 cows.
  • Tirhthankar Vatika (Garden)
  • Nakshtra Vriksha Mandir (Constallation Trees Temple)
  • Auditorium and Lecture Hall
  • Computer Centre with Internet & Printing Press.
  • Bhojanshala : Eatery for Pilgrims and visitors alike.
  • A large Dam for water storage.
The whole project envisages to create a place for Holistic approach to full development of an individual. Ample opportunity will be available for any individual without discrimination of cast, colour, creed or religion to participate in any or all activity.

Come! Be part of VEERALAYAM. The glorious mountain peaks watching over the spreading stretch of vast valley as silent sentinels, is the ambience of "VEERALAYAM" in its throbbing bosom of rich flora and fauna. The unspoiled pristine natural beauty of the spot will impart its own intrinsic magical charm of 'VEERALAYAM'. For the much alienated modern man, VEERALAYAM will surely be a paradise regained. His primordial kinship with everything else will once again be restored at a higher point in consciousness.

It is hoped that in the ethereal beauty of VEERALAYAM will be nurtured a new generation of seekers, healers, and scholars to spread the Ecumenical Culture and Civilization.