Come! Be part of VEERALAYAM, a Jain Tirth Kshetra project that envisages to create a place for Holistic approach to full development of an individual. The project has been conceptualised by Dr. Shree Arunvijayji Maharajsaheb who is a Double M.A, PHD very famous for his intellectual and scientific approach on Jainism. Ample opportunity will be available for any individual without discrimination of cast, colour, creed or religion to participate in any or all activity.

The glorious mountain peaks watching over the spreading stretch of vast valley as silent sentinels, is the ambience of "VEERALAYAM" in its throbbing bosom of rich flora and fauna. The unspoiled pristine natural beauty of the spot will impart its own intrinsic magical charm of 'VEERALAYAM'. For the much alienated modern man, VEERALAYAM will surely be a paradise regained. His primordial kinship with everything else will once again be restored at a higher point in consciousness.

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Veeralayam Shree Mahaveer Research Library Shree Mahaveer Jain Sadharmik Nagar Veeshsthanak Yantramay Mahaprasad